Supporting and bringing the local community together

It takes a community to make a village

  • Champions Thames Ditton High Street to enable a thriving commercial centre and community hub – the beating heart of the village
  • Works with other local charities and partners to help those struggling including those in need of foodbank support and those at risk of homelessness
  • Sustains the award winning bee-friendly Thames Ditton In Bloom community garden at Thames Ditton Station
  • Supports the pioneering Thames Ditton Boomerang Bags and Thames Ditton Refill initiatives to reduce plastic pollution in the village
  • Supports Thames Ditton Men In Sheds
  • Organises the Thames Ditton Litter Pickers’ group and ‘Keep Thames Ditton Tidy’ campaign
  • Coordinates network of local foodbank collections
  • Actively involved with Thames Ditton’s community spaces
  • Works in close collaboration with the Thames Ditton Farmers’ Market
  • Spearheads positive village projects to create and enhance a safe, pleasant and sustainable environment for residents and visitors
  • Responsible for the Thames Ditton Foundation Fund held by the East Elmbridge Foodbank to provide financial assistance to those experiencing deprivation and hardship

About Thames Ditton Foundation

Thames Ditton Foundation (TDF) was established in 2012, with its first major initiative being the creation of Pip’s Path, the walkway between Ashley Road Car Park and Thames Ditton High Street. Ownership and maintenance of Pip’s Path remains in the hands of the Foundation, which holds it in perpetuity for the benefit of the local community.

Thames Ditton Foundation is run by a small volunteer team, working with local groups and other volunteers across a range of vital village projects and is the only charity dedicated to supporting Thames Ditton High Street and wider community.

Trustees of TDF founded the Thames Ditton High Street Christmas Lights, putting lights on the central lime tree, then organised the brackets and power to the 45 smaller trees that line the High Street. The Foundation continued to organise this initiative for over ten years.

Trustees of TDF founded the High Street Union Flags initiative to commemorate and support important Royal and national UK events. This initiative is on-going.

Thames Ditton Foundation works in close collaboration with the Thames Ditton Farmers’ Market, run by the community for the community, with profits going to local charities and good causes, all serving the local area.

Year round Thames Ditton Foundation supports the Thames Ditton In Bloom award winning community garden at Thames Ditton Station, Thames Ditton Boomerang Bags sustainable sewing group, Thames Ditton Men In Sheds skills and social group, and organises the Thames Ditton Litter Pickers group and the ‘Keep Thames Ditton Tidy’ campaign. It also gives aid and support to local charities helping those struggling and in need including East Elmbridge Foodbank, Elmbridge CAN (offering refugee support) and Elmbridge Rentstart (helping the homeless and those vulnerably housed).

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